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Direct Submission refers to epitope and its related information submitted to IEDB. Data from Large scale antibody and T cell epitope discovery contracts and those transferred from other websites fall under this section.

Template Slots
Slot name Documentation Type Allowed Values/Classes Cardinality Default
Submission ID Unique identifier of submission as generated by system

String    0:1   
Submission Date Submission date generated by system

String    0:1   
Title Optional title entered by submitting author(s)

Title of the reference

String    0:1   
Priority Priority flag if the submission contains epitope data related to A-C class pathogens

Priority flag if reference contains epitope data related to A-C class pathogens

Boolean    0:1   
Submitter Name of person who submits the epitope and its related data to IEDB

String    0:1   
Authors Name of author(s) to be listed in citations regarding the specific submission

Name of author(s) listed in the Reference

String    0:1   
Affiliations Instituition(s) to which submission author(s) belong

Instituition(s) to which Reference author(s) belong

String    0:1   
Keywords Keywords related to the submission, entered by the submitter

Important words to identify the reference

String    0:1   
Abstract Abstract entered by submitter

Short summary placed prior to the introduction, often with different line justification (block quote) from the rest of the article, used to help readers determine the purpose of the article

String    0:1   
Comments Comments regarding the submission

General Comments

String    0:1   

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