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Class Immunization

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Immunization describes how the immune system is exposed to an immunogen.

Template Slots
Slot name Documentation Type Allowed Values/Classes Cardinality Default
has Immunized Species Information about the species that is immunized.

Class  Species  0:1   
Number of Subjects Captures number of subjects that were immunized.

String    0:1   
has Immunogen Immunogen is a substance that is capable of inducing an immune response.

Class  Immunogen  0:1   
has InVitro Immunization Captures the information related to Immunization that is performed in glass (Not in Living Organism).

Class  InVitro Immunization  0:1   
has InVivo Immunization Captures the information of Immunization performed in living organism.

Class  InVivo Immunization  0:1   
Comments General Comments

String    0:1   

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