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This category captures responses when epitopes are naturally presented on the cell surface. During immune responses, antigen-presenting cells process antigens and present peptide epitopes complexed with MHC molecules.

Template Slots
Slot name Documentation Type Allowed Values/Classes Cardinality Default
has Antigen Presenting Cells Captures the information about antigen presenting cells that serve as triggers for effector cells to express effector functions.

Class  Antigen Presenting Cell  0:1   
has Antigen Substance that can elicit an immune response and that can react specifically to T Cells.

Class  Antigen  0:1   
Special Culture Conditions Free text capturing any special culture conditions used in the assay.

String    0:1   
has Assay Information Captures the information about the experiment used to measure the response of naturally processed ligands.

Class  Assay Information  0:1   
Comments General Comments

String    0:1   

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