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Immune response is the specific response of cells of the immune system to antigenic stimulation. This section captures all the cell mediated immunity and it’s divided into two broad sub sections – immunization and assay.

Template Slots
Slot name Documentation Type Allowed Values/Classes Cardinality Default
has Immunization Immunization describes how the immune system is exposed to the immunogen.

Class  Immunization  0:1   
has Effector Cells Captures information about the effector cells. These are cells that received immunization and have acquired measurable functions as a result.

Class  Effector Cell  0:1   
has Antigen Presenting Cells Captures information about Antigen presenting cells also known as Target Cells. These serve as triggers for effector cells to express effector functions.

Class  Antigen Presenting Cell  0:1   
Antigen Naturally Processed Indicates the type of process whereby a cell expresses antigen on its surface in a form capable of being recognized by T lymphocytes.

Boolean    0:1   
has Antigen Antigen is a substance than can elicit an immune response and that can react specifically with T Cells.

Class  Antigen  0:1   
Special Culture Conditions Free text capturing any special culture conditions used in the assay.

String    0:1   
has Assay Information Captures the experiment information used to measure T cell response.

Class  Assay Information  0:1   
has Epitope-MHC-TCR Complex Captures the structure related information about Epitope-MHC-TCR complex.

Class  Complex  0:1   
Comments General Comments

String    0:1   

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